Finals is OVER!!! but is it GOOD or BAD??

Posted: Friday, 29 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Well apparently before my last paper for my Finals...I had a really bad infection and the pain was nearly unbearable..Anyhow after the morning paper..9am to 11am..immediately I rushed home as the pain was getting terrible and my housemate KIMMY send me all the way to Hospital Putrajaya and get my treatment there but unfortunately in Hospital they only provide professional doctors, so they ask me to Presint 9 for another clinic, so we took all the trouble and bare myself with the pain and Finally I got my treatment there.Hopefully will get well soon ^^

Exam Venue entrance of the GRANDHALL.
*After exam*

On my way to Putrajaya

Putrajaya Hospital

Putrajaya Clinic

My medical card..
*was kinda blur as i took, cant stand the pain much longer!!*

*thanks alot buddy*

After got home to Cyberjaya, ate some medicine get some rest after consuming some painkiller,OMG it is a real relieve after consuming that =)..

So got a called from my friend,

Zues: Simon, my exam finish already can come help me shift my things to your house already!!
Simon: Ya, in mamak now..I come now alright..

Zues: Alright straight come over my house we are waiting for you there ok.
Simon: Okie dokie!!

So walked all the way to Zues house, shift from 3pm till 5.30pm...DAMN alot of BOXES I can tell you for a guy =), all of us went home...get ourselves prepared and 6.30pm went our for dinner with ZUES, ZECKSON, and OBC...*thanks ZUES for the treat*


Buddies( OBC, ZUES, ZECK )

MCD time...*ZUES treat btw*

Obc , Zues

Simon (me)

After dinner, we were planning our next destination..Finally made up our decision and Finally EUPHORIA (MOS) here we come again !!!

Let's the party begin!!

Simon ( me)




Went in 10pm and the dance floor is empty.

we dominate the dance floor!!

me,obc and zues

Liang's friends.

ailing and her friend.
* Just met them in the Club*

obc and me


Final picture of the day

Please DON SCROLL DOWN further if you are below 18++...

* How dare are you?*


  1. Lisa717 says:

    OMG~~ u took the last pic?? or u got it from internet??'s disgusting eh!!! my gosh...