6 May 2009 ( Arsenal Vs. Manchester united )

Posted: Tuesday, 5 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

It was 2.30am and i got myself up from my sweet bed and all the way to Oldtown @ Cyberjaya for the football match between Arsenal and Manchester United.Well I can say it was just worth it to come here so early and to catch such fantastic match and I can say Manchester rulez the match and take fully control of the game!!! and Christiano Ronaldo you are the man..... and Park Ji sung for a great start...

Summary of the game..
-( MU ) Park Ji Sung scored the opening goal 8Mins ( 1st goal)
- ( MU )Followed by Christiano Ronaldo scored 2 goal after that
- ( Arsenal ) Finally RobinVan Persie got a penalty
- END GAME 4.45am ( Final score MU 3- Arsenal 1 )


Robin Van Persie

((((((( VS ))))))))

Manchester United

Christiano Ronaldo

Park Ji Sung

well ...i did grab some pictures as well during the half time of the match =)

the crowd in OLDTOWN

Mr Ong Boon Chai posing

Mr.Mervin looking serious and enjoying the game.

Mr Kimi...is he watching football or enjoying the anime advertisement??

me and boon chai=)

Half time of the match..omg I'm just so sleepy =)

time to sleep...Have a NiCE day!!

Well thats all for the morning update...Yea "Ronaldo" jersey if u can spot in the pic..u rulez as wel =)......MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!


  1. High 5 to This post! ;)

  1. hahaha....thanks GAn..very unexpected right...weng chiew goin to watch football hahaha...

  1. yesss!!! Bravo MU!!! Especially for Park Ji Sung, he is best player from Asia!!! can I add your link to my blogroll?

  1. sure mR henry you can link me....yea i agree with you..park ji sung the best player from Asia =) MU rockzz dude..

  1. Low says:

    lol dude, nice done