A little this and that about my semester break ( Sem 1 )

Posted: Thursday, 26 November 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Haven been updating my blog lately, has been to busy since the start of this short semester 2, well today finally I have an opportunity to give myself a good rest as its a Public Holiday today =P rest myself up and get away from all presentations and assignments. Few more weeks to come to my final once more as this is my short semester (8weeks )...So i guess, U all should how busy a business student should be. So not going to write much anymore, A Little This And Thay what have i done during my semester break =P

During my 1st week of holiday, I organized a trip for swimming club to Langkawi Island for a 3 days 2 night stay and we really had some great time SHOPPING DUTY FREE stuff and not to forget snorkeling in Payar Island.

Reach KLIA around 7am

A group picture of our trip before flying off to Langkawi.

I just love the Sky.

Reaching Langkawi.

Our rented car =P
2 Vans.

The Swim Club Brotherhood.
S.Chun, Bobby, Kumar, Yik Khai,Wei leong and .....

On our way to Payar Island

Payar Island.

Final day before we leave langkawi

Briefing of safety precaution in Payar Island.

Kumar, Nat, S.Chun and me

pose with our air tickets.

Swim Club Rockzz..

Well not long after the Langkawi trip, my coursemate and I organize a 1 day trip to Genting Highland. Although it was just a day and four of us ( Kean Jia, Rachel, Sam and me ), yet it was a enjoyable moment.

A pose in Kean Jia's car before leaving to Genting Highland.

me and Rachel.

Kean Jia and me.

Sam and me.

Morning sunlight is good !

Kean Jia and Rachel.

Sam and me once more..Damn Gay!! All the boats there are all couple.

Genting Playground.

A picture of me and Rachel on boat to see DINOSAURS.

Simon as background..Kean Jia Shy Shy???

A picture of all of us.

Introducing the best game of the day!!!
The Cup.
Basically we turn till someone cant stand it..The loser goes to SAM!!

So after some outdoor activities, and all not daring to go for any hypertension rides...Decided to go indoor and into the Snow World..( Camera were not allowed to be brought in, but yet we took some pictures with my phone camera )

All prepare to go in!!

The temperature shows its -4 degree Celsius.

Before I leave, a picture of saying good bye =P