My birthday Part 2 @Sunway..

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It was day on 27April 2009..I call it the girls outing as I'm the only guy and today I'm going out with 4girls ^.^(Chesley, Loshini, Rosemary, Rainee ) Well just want you girls to know how glad am I to know you girls as friend and thanks for the belated birthday celebration with me and I really did enjoy the crazy day yesterday ^.^

SCENE1( REDBOX Sunway Pyramid )
1st destination we went after we reach Sunway is REDBOX..
-I got myself a REDBOX membership card.
-Ordered a package of 5person
-here comes the singing and shouting part everyone ^.^( 5hours of singing )

REDBOX sunway entrance.


REDBOX membership card.

wengchiew aka SIMON

Rosemary, Loshini, Chesley, Rainee

me and Loshy..

me and Chesley aka BABY YEE=YEE LING

me and Rosemary.

me and Rainee


Do i look like im trying to lick chesley??

Duet with Chesley
Duet with Loshy


Patiently waiting for the next song


dancing with loshy( Pls Don'T Stop The Music )

Pose with Rosemary before leaving redbox ^.^

next stop! FISH MARKET MANHATTAN....after all the singing, we are already hungry..lets GRAB some fish..

creamy garlic Mussels..YUMMY

Garlic Mussels as Starter

main course..DORY FISH wit Garlic rice.

How Happy am I^.^

arent we just love taking pics Loshy.^.^

My birthday Present From Loshy,Chesley,Rosemary and Rainee

Well i have to say lots of thank you for the day you girls, spending me the whole day...really big thanks and hugs to you all...Just wan you all to know i really enjoy my day and i hope you all enjoyed yourself as well..Just Love U all...MUAKSSS


Happy birthday Simon a.k.a weng chiew!!Part 1

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Here I would like to wish myself a happy birthday and Im officially 20years old.( 1more years to grant access to the casino ^.^)

In the beginning i thought my birthday will be miserable as i am in a bad condition( fever,flu,cough,sorethroat), But anyhow everything pull out well after all the medicines and lots of water.

Well, to start of with the day 26April 2009, Morning i went for a breakfast with my dad and not long after that I went out for a movie in Cheras Selatan Jusco with my hometown buddy.( thanks alot Kin Meng for the treat of the movie ticket and snacks) and yea guys and girls Paul Bart Mall Cop is a damn funny movie^.^ .

Paul Bart Mall Cop

When I think that was all for the day, more surprises came in into the day, where while I was having my dinner with my family. Suddenly came out my favourite Chocolate Brownie from secret recipe....It was just delicious!! and yea i grab few pics of myself and my little cousins pretending NERD!!

Chocolate Brownie 'Secret Recipe'
Me and my little cousins

I'm there making tons of wishes~

Well after having some fun with my cousins and enjoying the brownie, its time for me to back to my campus@ Cyberjaya.

In Cyberjaya......well i have to say lots of thank you to kimi,zues,obc,mervin,pang,my bro(kit) and my housemates for the wonderful surprises and yes they gave me a big ELECTRIC SHOCK!!!!

A gift from OBC,Mervin, Zues,Kimi,Pang,Zeck
(This is a lighter that gave me a big Electric Shock)

Another SECRET RECIPE cake for the day
Cheese Cake my another favourite as well

Thx guys for everything...

You guyz just rulez!!

me and OBC got smack with cakes..

after everything end mr Tan Hong Jun asked me out 4am to go for Chicken Rice in Dengkil.
Thx bro for the treat^.^

And there you go my day ended with so much of enjoyment Thanks Again
PS* Yeeling aka Chesley is the last person to wish for the day..^.^ THX

Hennessy Artistry 2009@ The Loft..( preview )

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Well first of all..i would like to thank Mr.zeckster for inviting me as his guest to join this wonderful event. to talk about this event it was trying to promote Hennesy Vsop itself and the art of mixing it. and here as well i would like to thank NUFFNANG for providing the bloggers with the VIP pass..

Not to forget.i met some cool friends there as well ( Hitomi, Lionel a.k.a Serge, Cojack, Yenniedoll, Jessica and etc ^.^ )

So everyone cheers to Hennesy Artistry 2009@ The Loft!!!
More updates will be uploaded i need to get the PICS from mr. ZUES!!!

~signing off 2.30a.m..

GDC cyber Fusion..( World Guiness Book Of Records)

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well apparently to talk briefly about this was a record breaking event that is by having the longest hours lan party in the world, that is by breaking its current record 35 hours and here in MMU we broke the record with 40 hours of continuing playing...

So eventually I was chosen to be one of the working commitee in the GDC club to help in this event..and eventually we are the person incharge of the codeplay 2 ( national programming competition )....It was an interesting experience as i learn alot from different PRO's people, to see how diff people from diff state share their gaming experience and the up's and down of their career as a gamer..(btw kingsurf team was here as well , the asia top DOTA team )

Not going to talk much bout it anymore...enjoy the pics>>>

My tag for this event..CREW!!

the arena of the competition...AMD sponsored 250pc's for this event..

some visualizing flying game by AMD...

the hairstyle for the event weng chiew^.^

weng chiew..


with some AMD posters around..
me and jun long...
Finally the day, mervin and jun long enjoyin the remaining food...the satisfaction and enjoyment^.^

~Cyber Fusion 2009~

sushi king promotion!! Anyone???

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After all the hectic day with my cyber P project..finally got myself some sushi in sushi King with my friends as my friend Alice so eager to use her member card haha..anyhow thank you for inviting us Alice..although there are only few of us..but yet it was enjoyable^.^

Thanks han jung for taking the trouble to sponsor your car as well...Thanks alot this few days!!

In the beginning.....

In the end...the tower of plate..^.^

Finally when everything was over....lets have some tea..( sam in d pic )