Industrial Training In Ogawa

Posted: Monday, 14 June 2010 by Weng Chiew in

So I haven't been updating my blog for quite sometime already, its because I'm so busy and tired with roadshows, events and not forgetting meeting. So in this early morning, I reach early to my office HQ in Kota Kemuning to do a short update what have I done throughout the first week of my industrial training.

Basically first day itself, I was asked to participate myself in a brainstorming meeting regarding the upcoming warehouse sales, well not forgetting throughout this week, i had met and talk to alot of sponsors and as well as meeting with exhibitor. Indeed, I'm glad that i had made my final decision to choose this company for my internship and to all students who are having intern out there....ALL THE BEST!!!! and see you in the upcoming trimester =P

** Gonna post some picture when i have sometime *peace*

My 21st Birthday Party!!!

Posted: Wednesday, 2 June 2010 by Weng Chiew in

So this was kind off abit late posting this post..But WHO CARES!!! cause i haven even got my Picture from Zues So i decided to grab it from Zues Blog and add on with some pictures i have with me =P..So here am I wanted to thanks everyone for making my day a blast and not to be forgotten those lovely presents from my friends and relatives . Not to be forgotten big hug and kisses to my parents as spending time preparing my birthday party.( Love you all very much and thanks for taking care of me for this 21 years making me healthy and fat) ^^

Anyway not gonna do much writing here...enjoy the pictures!!!

Picture from Zues:

Birthday boy.

One and only unique cake
( Specially made for me by a chef in Meridian Hotel)

Lovely fingers.

My all time Kajang Bro and Sis

Zues name our gang the FOUR HAM LOU!!

My housemate

Swim Club Members


The crowd.

From mixture of cameras:

The food that were served.

Venue: My lovely house =P

Early birds having fun there =P

My parents and brothers.

Part of my family.

List of my pretty and hot classmates


Once called the Tripple Ace.

2 Years great buddy and so called bro in MMU.
FOM Rockzzz

Anxiously waiting my birthday song..

I'm OFFICIALLY 21 years old.