The BBQ night ( official gathering of KNS Division)

Posted: Sunday, 31 January 2010 by Weng Chiew in

So after so long leaving my blog dead, I guess its time for some update..
So finally its already February 2010 and CNY is just coming up... can't wait for it =P

So new trimester has started and again I'm another step closer in getting my degree. So in the beginning of this new semester, we actually establish a division named KNS Division that so far consist only a few members. So 1st official gathering, we held a BBQ night dinner which is organized by me and helped by other members as well. Overall it was a fun night and we party till 3am, if I'm not wrong =P

So Let's enjoy the pictures my dear friends.....

KNS Division motto.

1st of all thanks Kean Jia for letting us to party at his place.

Burn !! Burn!!

Starting up fire with a fan =P

The girls are preparing the Salads

Guys preparing the fire and bbq-ing the food for them..
( Aren't we Gentlemen? )

Pei jun and me

Group picture
*Qreez is missing*

In the photo we have :
From the left: Qreez,Liyee,Rachel,Sam,Alice,Hanjung,Esther,Peijun and me( Simon )

The girls.

The guys..

Gong Xi, Gong Xi

Qreez and me with the KNS Division guest list.

Some SS moment.

Konon-nya some work of arts ^^

me and kean jia busy eating ..
( girls posing as background)


Siao siao ad...

*Thumbs Up*

Well, although it was really a tiring night for us but what we really did enjoyed ourselves =P
So. I'm looking forward for what is gonna happen next and HAPPY 2010 new post...