Its already coming to CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

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well this 3 weeks holidays, It was an enjoyable one.......the 1st week i spend nearly my whole week in Johor and the when i got back to Kajang there you go so many activity awaiting me......maybe I can say I try to make myself to pack up my time so that i would have to think of something that is still running in my head....just for once finally want to let go of something and to begin with a new me....apparently I went to MOS was an enjoyable moment as well...have some drink with all my close friends, and finally have a ride on my friend new SUBARU IMPREZA with build in fantastic was it....THX bro..anyway again wanna thx all my brother brother here....thanks for the fun activity u guys organized and also the chicks...lolz...really glad having some good and valuable friends...JUS wanna wish everyone my friends, clasmate and so is my family member a happy chinese new year...hmmm.y today i so emo again i wonder..anyhow wats d point..fuck off emo alright...take care...will get to update soon...take care!!
before MOS......

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The continue of last post....

on the way to JB shopping...

in MK restaurant....oh...what a nice restaurant name!!!

BEFORE we started>>>>>>

AFTER finish..its already nitez>>>

Lets go home..oi oi ^.^

3rd day in JB!!!

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BAsically I woke damn early this morning cause I'm not feeling well...and yet my friend all sleeping like a PIG..Finally i just have to woke them up as we are supposed to go early to DESARU beach to catch some wind...well we set up our journey at 8.30a.m to DESARU beach...and there we spend around 2hours catching some wonderful pics and have a great man's talk was seriously a nice place to go if there isnt any MONSOON ^.^

Apparently after 11a.m we set back to MERVIN house..take a bath and there we go again to JOHOR BAHRU.....this time to a new shopping complex...there we bought some clothes.and kimi bought his new shoes and slipper lolz...after a tiring shopping day...Finally the main idea for the day!!! Steamboat + was nice, delicious and in the end we stole back 2 ice cream for mervin's sis as well kaka...its GORDAN pang's job enjoy the pics ^.^

While waiting for them to wake up.....i did abit on my blogging and taking their sleeping pics.lolz

pang on the left, kimi and on the bed mervin....that laptop is my favorite all time lappie!!!

Desaru beach part>>>>>>>>>

our pro camera man as well...thank u mervin..

OMG!!! mervin driving....haha..jk jk ya boss don mad...well i guess thats all for desaru part..

to be continue.....................................................

well to a person that i used to love before!!

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Apparently i want you to know...Don worry i will go and F myself...all this happen is also all because of you!! I guess if you were me you will feel how i felt, and how angry and hurt i am....always missiny you even till now....and know knowing you are with another guy...and even to go to a trip that we are supposed to be together and enjoying time..there you are....with another guy on a trip..and that guy is your new bf...from the day i saw the pics on your blog....i was terribly hurt and damn angry...i was supposed to call you and talk properly....but you refused to even pick my fucking phone!!! so what you want to do with anger just got more and think after i said all those harsh words..i didnt even think about the consequences....i DID!!!! its seriously not easy for me to let go all this thing...i just misses you till now and even wanted to care for you so much...but when that pic and the guy come to my mind...everything just broke my heart...its like tearing apart myself...ever since all this happens...i fell sick more often, become weak...and my every single laughter and smile....behind them still with sorrow and laughter become so fake and its like i don have my feeling anymore....everything that i throw into you, hope, love and even my heart...has all once just broken by you.....and so fast i can with another guy and there you go BBU ur second home i guess....I jus came back from melaka today...and i stand in EP ur room staring...and refreshin all the memories we had...and wtf has happen till everything goes on like this....anyhow I'm really sorry for my behavior...and I just dont know what to do with myself anymore.....HOPE you enjoy your GENTING trip...i guess u would..HAPPY HOLIDAY...

The 2nd day trip in Johor Bahru!!

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well to continue the second part of my holiday in
JOHOR....apparently everyone woke up 10a.m in the morning after a
very tiring day as we travel so far...and the most unfortunate
thing that has happen to me that is i was already fell sick that
morning as after everyone took bath, we set for our 1st
journey that is a famous BAK KUT TEH in was set around
30mins from mervin's house to that place..thanks to the guidance
of mervin's friend cathry Chong we were able to find the
place...well after we had bak kut teh for our breakfast, we then
set our journey back home and there we go to JB town
was seriously big and full of branded stuff...well we spend
nearly the whole day there as we need to shop for the coming
Chinese new year...apparently each of us got ourselves some new
clothes and trousers...after a tiring walk we had our lunch in
KINSAHI a japanese restaurant..the food was wonderful and as usual
great food comes with great price as well ^.^

Bak kut teh fof breakfast!!

My 1st time in JB Jusco...

Shopping spree man!!!

Dinner plus lunch in Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant!!

That is all for the day!! have a great holiday and good nitez...

Missing you!!!

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Getting to know that the girl has finally going to have a new
boyfriend has been a hard thing for me to accept..and now we have
officially stop contacting each other anymore.I seriously wan her
to know how much i used to care for her, and how much i miss her
till now..every single minute and every single day..wanting to
know hows her holiday..and how her lives moves on...i oso wan her
to know how sorry am I of hurting you with some harsh words as i
really cant control my emotions..the pics that i saw in her really disappointed to say so and its really so
heartbroken for me to know that you maybe has forgotten me and
moves on with her life.i jus wonder things could turn back time
and all these things has never been happen before...all the sweet
memories we had...i guess now it the time for me to moves on as
well....just wan this special girl to know i still do very much
misses u...and im truly am sorry for not being
understanding..Happy HOLIDAY and enjoy your holiday..


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Everything was so relieved as I'm free from exams and HOLIDAYS!!!!

My 1st trip this holiday is to Kota tinggi...Johor...but before we set our destination there we were able to drop by in few of my housemate houses...1st...KIMMY YONG SIAU PENG in melaka, GORDAN PANG GUO ZHEN in Kulai and finally Kota tinggi....MERVIN TAN SZE KAI was a very tiring day as i drove from Melaka all the way to Kota tinggi and it takes around 4 hours talk about our trip on the 1st day...we depart from cyber at 10.00am...all the way to Seri Kembangan for our breakfast...and after that all the way we set our journey to Melaka..guess what it jus took us 40mins from cyber to u guys can imagine how fast could it has been..lolz..den we stop by in KIMI unload some items and there i was luckily to enjoy some cool air and we did clean our 1st class transportation...after that there we turn to drive to KULAI JOHOR...Gordan house..and there he treat us the famous ABC and!! it was seriously delicious...after he drop some of his dirty clothes that he accumulated for the past weeks in his house..there we go again..setting out to our next n final place for our 1st class accomodation Mervin's house!! in Kota tinggi..apparently we reach there around 5p.m and as soon as we reach..guess what happen...everyone rushin to mervin's room and SLEEP!!!! well..i guess that's all for the day...i will continue my bloggy for new updates on my Enjoy the pics!!!

1st class transportation for our trip....VIVA MBN 7124

KIMMY the MAN..sponsoring his car for our transportation...thanks man!!

After taking all the trouble cleaning the car!! Come on next journey....
KIMMY house garden.....for public use only ^.^

IN Kulai Johor...our lunch!!! ABC and rojak...

Thank u Gordan for sponsoring the ABC and rojak...he claims that it is his territory..HOW CAN I LOSE MY FACE!! COOL IS MY STYLE GORDAN!

Finally in Kota tinggi..Mervin and Gordan say...DON DISTURB!! I wan sleep...

well..its me posing for the end of my blog..

wengchiew signin off 10.20p.m

What a day!! Exam ...2Papers down 2 more to go...

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EXAM SUXXX!!!!!!! Can anyone help me to concentrate or give me some determination!! zzzzzz

This was seriously a hectic day for me as i have to care so many things my exams, and so with my sports...It was already 2 paper down and 2 more to go this coming saturday that is my University Learning TEchnique and my lovely badminton subject ^.^ ........ For the moment i just felt this trimester just ended too fast....the people i known and i do admire ( the girl from MALAYSIAN STUDIES ) this trimester mayb cant see them anymore as all of us taking different major...but thank god i still have my 2 best classmate mr.chong han jung and our play gal SAM weng Keong..lolz..BTW guys i booked ady badminton court on 8th and if anyone who happen to view my blog a MMU cyber student do drop by and play with us ( noobs are strictly not allowed ) ..its 4pm till 6pm...Anyway i guess i should be moving on with my notes now..wish me luck and anyone free there do sms phone didnt rang much recently lolzz.....BORED!!!! haha......
Well this 2 pic is my best classmates in Cyber>>>>>>>>.

Chong Han Jung.....with his favourite bass ( actually a poser to get girls)
Our MMU flower guy.....SAM weng keong......DON MAD YA BRO JK

Finally myself....the one and only weng chiew in carl's Junior!!!

Nescafe kick-start top 100 finalist!! pls vote

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First i would like to find this opportunity to congratulate my friend Goay Sue Ann a.k.a reach the top 100 finalist in the kick start entrepreneur top 100 people do vote for my friend!! jus click the link below, sign up and vote as easy as that.... thank you all!! ZUES..u owe me a drink for promoting you haha!!

The link towards success ^.^

8th of January 2009!!

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Apparently few more hours will be my Malaysian Studies final exams paper...and till now i don't have the mood to do anything at all....well i think its because im worrying for a gal out there..i tried calling it was engaged...apparently if we are together now its officially our 10th month knowing each other..Finally after getting all the trouble concern bout her and wondering where she is.. finally msn she started to reply and ..we actually had a small argument again...I really didnt mean to bring her temper up...but i do seriously care so much for her n cant get her out of my mind!! Anyone tell me what am I supposed to do?? Immediately, when we stop chatting...Kimmy accompany me for a short walk to the garden and there you go me expressing all my feelings out to him...Thank u kimmy for all the trouble..u r really a good housemate and a good friend indeed...So many things actually I want to tell her and share wit her....just i think she has move on with her own life and I'm not anyone in her heart at all already...wish things has gone back time...n still keep it till now..well this 8th really bring alot of meaning to it was the day where we began everything...and in Melaka on Satuday, i really wanted to see her and personally give her the present i bought her...but i guess I still dont have the bravery to face her....things has change really fast...and guess all past things and happy moment as MEMORIES!!! Anyhow wish me luck in my exam later... ^.^ and really hope the girl would like my necklace that i send to her Happy Belated Birthday!

wengchiew signing off...5.18a.m...

Happy birthday xin are now 20!!

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Xin yee and me in NADEJE!!

well apparently i would like to take this opportunity to wish my fren happy birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAN XIN YEE!! may all your dreams come true and life keep sparkling as always..n always as sweet as ur sweet 16 although you are 20 years old already haha. time passes so fast..n soon I'm turning 20 as well...feel so old dont we..So now let come to tell you all how we celebrate our little princess xin yee birthday!! Apparently we celebrate it earlier due to the FINAL me and my frens drove down to Melaka for the 1 day trip..we depart from Cyber about 11am..n reach there about 1pm...Due to some fast driving we reach earlier den i end up visits some friends and even have lunch wit my ex classmate and housemates..den about 4pm..there come our VIP of the day all the way jus came back from JOHOR...and we meet up in Dataran Pahlawan and again i have my 2nd lunch in ZEN..and then to the cake shop NADEJE...the cake was superb..Den after all those wonderful and cakes....i guess thats all here u go some pics on our birthday day gal xin yee...enjoy ^.^

....again xin yee and me....

me and Peggy a.k.a MMU beauty lolz..