Its already coming to CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

Posted: Friday, 23 January 2009 by Weng Chiew in

well this 3 weeks holidays, It was an enjoyable one.......the 1st week i spend nearly my whole week in Johor and the when i got back to Kajang there you go so many activity awaiting me......maybe I can say I try to make myself to pack up my time so that i would have to think of something that is still running in my head....just for once finally want to let go of something and to begin with a new me....apparently I went to MOS was an enjoyable moment as well...have some drink with all my close friends, and finally have a ride on my friend new SUBARU IMPREZA with build in fantastic was it....THX bro..anyway again wanna thx all my brother brother here....thanks for the fun activity u guys organized and also the chicks...lolz...really glad having some good and valuable friends...JUS wanna wish everyone my friends, clasmate and so is my family member a happy chinese new year...hmmm.y today i so emo again i wonder..anyhow wats d point..fuck off emo alright...take care...will get to update soon...take care!!
before MOS......