My holidays!!!

Posted: Wednesday, 4 February 2009 by Weng Chiew in

As time was already past my 3 weeks holiday....and my trimester 3 has officially began....I guess this same is goona be tough for me as i have to bare all the WONDERFUL 6 subject this sem and the 1st week is going to finish and I'm still in my CNY holiday mode...Anyway nothin much to say anymore....jus wanna wish all my friends and family...a Happy Chinese New YEAr...and may all good things falls on us....GONG XI FA CAI and a happy MOO MOO year!!!!

PICS time>>>>some yee sang..having in my frens house...
homemade fren chong...setting his hair for house visiting during CNY!!

me and yvone....the theme of the party is end up i took a flower and put it there!!! zzz

trying to attire for my 1st day of CNY...