Tired and stress!!!

Posted: Thursday, 26 February 2009 by Weng Chiew in

loads of things to do???can we just leave everything and walk away??

As for now..i think I havent been sleeping for more than 24hours...my body was just so weak and tired but yet unable to get myself to bed and have a really good rest....this early morning I went to watch a football match till 6am, then going for morning classes, badminton for 4hours straight.. and finally thinking and planning what to do for my assignments and planning for my business plans...This few weeks has really been a very stressful week for me...just for the moment i feel like letting go everything to clear my mind and not to think bout YOU....I guess my time planning is not organised and everything does not goes right at all...well...this week is about to end really hope next week will be a better week for me....well i think thats all...got to study for my quizes next week though...and to prepapre for my cyberP assignment as well..MY friends all sleep early and see you guys again in the badminton court tomorrow morning...^.^

well if my friend do see my blog....anyone can teach me how to release stress???