A boring day in class..

Posted: Monday, 30 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

well....im now updating my blog in class...the class is so bored till i have my time to blog right here...what a life as a student....took some pic in lect hall as well..^.^( just before the class start)
not going to talk much here...study hard weng chiew...Gambate!!!!

my lecture hall...looks comfortable right..( nice place to sleep too @.@ )

mr. sam with his lappie....( settling his xxx rated movie i guess )

mr. han jung

ps: study hard for coming exam ya all my fren...gambate and all the best!!

What a boring day!!!!

Posted: Sunday, 29 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

well it was Thursday apparently, body aching due to yesterday gym...and there i go this morning for a badminton game in puchong, MBA badminton center for some games with my classmates.Although it was just an hour but for me it feels like playing for 2 to 3 hours non stop , due to the body ache..terrible pain..Now let's see this is where we play!!

After our game, we went for lunch nearby there...in an Ampang Famous Yong Tau Fu( francais ). well what is special about this yong tau fu is that, it gives me the feeling of home and as well as the freshness of the fish paste that we cant get in many place nowadays..anyhow i'm not writing much anymore...enjoy the pics...

this is how i call it a day.....^.^

Night in beach Cafe!!!

Posted: Thursday, 26 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

It was a lonely night...so i decided to go and have a drink in c-beach cafe. well guess what do we do there?? have sum great chat, help my fren with assignments, and DOTA-ing there...here is some pics!!!!

c-beach cafe...nice environment to hang out rite..

hungry wong face with his precious 'ying yeung'...

big bro JIN IAN.....

DOTA-ing there....too bored!!

me and eunice khor...

Everyone yam cha time!!!!!

MID term break is here!!!

Posted: Friday, 20 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Finally, a week for us to rest our mind....for the past few weeks, it has really been a hectic week. Where assignments are coming to due date, quizes for us to study and mid term exam( stats ).
Well i guess i wouldnt have a good rest though this 1 week break as i need to rush on my other assignment and coming 4 midterm exams after the break..Fuh!!!! just to think of all this matter...i think this week i cant go to my home sweet bed to have a nice and a wonderful dream due to burning midnight oil for all the revisions and also Yam Cha!! ^.^

Anyway i think i would stop here for now for a good rest......wish all my friends Happy midterm break and enjoy this week well before the nightmare begins once more..

Good night!!!
feel stress....there is a place with this sign might help ^.^ MCD time....

Quatro Club....K Avenue!!

Posted: Thursday, 19 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

It was so bored since every thursday we have been sticking with euphoria MOS.. apparently this week we are In Quattro.. where wednesday is a ladies night here...and guess what Quattro is the only club in Malaysia with 4 seasons..( summer, winter, spring, and Autumn ) to say bout it..it was seriously a new experience for me to this club, new environment and new chicks....^.^

Anyhow that day just had a great time with my friends...and we had couple of drink and i got myself a SHOOTER!!! enjoy the pics>>>>
the autumn bar...

the girls...MAHSA college..

the guys.. Multimedia Universiti ( MMU )> rui ann( zues ), me (simon ) and ah hao

the winter club...let see what do we have here>>
ning and me...

rui ann...

im sitting on ice...omg...it was seriously freezing in the room..

me and rachael..

quattro shooter gals...

sweet couple.....zues and ning..

enjoy the nitezzz.....

MBA..puchong~ badminton

Posted: Wednesday, 18 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Apparently.....not long ago we went to puchong for a badminton game..(thx to sam didnt book court in college) ^.^

well that is my 1st time we went there that is to the Michael's Badminton Academy (MBA)...and shocking it was really big ( 32courts ) and nice place to play. Maybe when there is another opportunity to go there for another time i wont even mind paying at all..lolz

Anyway enjoy the pics>>>>>>>>

han jung and sam in action!!imagine how big is the place?? its just a small part of it..

the champion post!!!!