MID term break is here!!!

Posted: Friday, 20 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Finally, a week for us to rest our mind....for the past few weeks, it has really been a hectic week. Where assignments are coming to due date, quizes for us to study and mid term exam( stats ).
Well i guess i wouldnt have a good rest though this 1 week break as i need to rush on my other assignment and coming 4 midterm exams after the break..Fuh!!!! just to think of all this matter...i think this week i cant go to my home sweet bed to have a nice and a wonderful dream due to burning midnight oil for all the revisions and also Yam Cha!! ^.^

Anyway i think i would stop here for now for a good rest......wish all my friends Happy midterm break and enjoy this week well before the nightmare begins once more..

Good night!!!
feel stress....there is a place with this sign might help ^.^ MCD time....