Quatro Club....K Avenue!!

Posted: Thursday, 19 March 2009 by Weng Chiew in

It was so bored since every thursday we have been sticking with euphoria MOS.. apparently this week we are In Quattro.. where wednesday is a ladies night here...and guess what Quattro is the only club in Malaysia with 4 seasons..( summer, winter, spring, and Autumn ) to say bout it..it was seriously a new experience for me to this club, new environment and new chicks....^.^

Anyhow that day just had a great time with my friends...and we had couple of drink and i got myself a SHOOTER!!! enjoy the pics>>>>
the autumn bar...

the girls...MAHSA college..

the guys.. Multimedia Universiti ( MMU )> rui ann( zues ), me (simon ) and ah hao

the winter club...let see what do we have here>>
ning and me...

rui ann...

im sitting on ice...omg...it was seriously freezing in the room..

me and rachael..

quattro shooter gals...

sweet couple.....zues and ning..

enjoy the nitezzz.....