Japanese Culture Night 2010

Posted: Tuesday, 30 March 2010 by Weng Chiew in

Japanese Cultural Night is finally here!!! After all those training and rehearsing for it...the outcome was indeed satisfying and unforgettable. In such wonderful culture night, I am given the role and going to perform as Reiko's dad a.k.a Mr.Saito and one of the model in the traditional fashion show walk. Well not forgetting, this is indeed a lifetime experience as I'm given the opportunity to learn and how to dress a Yukata and to tie a Obi.( It is not as easy as it looks, it needs a lot of skills )

Anyhow, Kean Jia, Sam and me had lots of fun that night..hopefully gonna have more of such wonderful event in my coming trimester =P

So not gonna do much of explanation....enjoy the pictures !!

Rebecca Yap, my make-up artist.

Sam, Rebecca and me.

A complete change over of me.
* great job Rebecca*

me and my partner for traditional walk show, Miss Lemon Ong

Representing KNS division
*Kean Jia, Sam, Me*

The gorgeous ladies.

me,Stanley and Sam.

me and Allysa
*Dad and daughter in the Japanese drama*

Miss Annie drop by the backstage to say Hi
* Thanks for supporting girl*

Annie, Angie, Sam, Pui Yee and me

!!Finally on the stage!!

Well definitely after the show we had some pictures taken moment....

Angel and me

I'm with a bunch of pretty ladies.

Allysa and me

Fairy threatening the main actor Kazuya.

Allyssa, Kimmy Qiu( Fairy) and me.

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

me and Sam
*Japan top Yakuza*


Finally, personal portrait of me in Yukata.


Inti Life Saving Workshop 2010

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This Life saving workshop was organized by Inti Swim Club and we representing Multimedia University were honored as we were invited to participate in such wonderful workshop.

So this workshop was held 13th of March in Inti Nilai , and this workshop is to create awareness towards swimmers the importance of safety and precaution when we are in the water. So here I would like to thanks Inti Swim Club for the invitation and Great Job guys and girls as the workshop was a big success =P

So a brief description on the program flow:
-participants are divided randomly into groups
-all participants are to complete all 5 task
-line throw
-obstacle swim
-tube rescuing the mannequin
-rescue the mannequin underwater with 60kg capacity.
-short break
- and finally a life saving competition among teams.

Inti Swimming pool


Team 2

underwater shot.

William and me.
*Swimmers for life*

Bobby doing the Line throw task

Line throw task.

Jain doing diving
*spot me behind the scene doing perfect diving*

me doing the obstacle swim.

rescuing the mannequin.

tube to rescue mannequin.

A short break for lunch and time for some shots =P

me and jain
* bobby as the background*

Bobby , me, Khin, Jain and William
* representative from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya*

Lunch break.

A group pictures of all the participants.

Swimmers preparing to compete with each other.

MMU,Cyberjaya swimmers.

Thumbs up for this workshop =P

ADVENTURE RACE 2010@Cyberjaya.

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A brief of Adventure Race 2010. It is an event that is organized by IET that basically follows the concept of Amazing Race that is seen in the TV reality show and abit of mixture of fear factor and some physical challenge reality show. So we Brawn Team, proudly representing swim club to join this event.

Team Leader: Low Weng Chiew
Members: Leong Siew Khin
William Tan Wei Hau
Yuan Jun

Obstacle in this race: Stamina challenge in Fire Brigade, Wall Climbing, Jungle Trekking, Futsal, Fear factor, Line skating, Archery, Kayak, Driving range, and finally photo hunt.

Mr Omar MMU and Mr Kwong IET officiating this event.

Opening ceremony.

Briefing and gathering session.

All 31 teams from different universities.

Brawn Team members.
*My personal favourite Team*

Maps and tools for the race.

strategy planning 1

Strategy planning 2

Delicious breakfast from Queen Jenny.

All participants getting ready.

31 cars in total = 31 teams

Let the race begin!!!

Go go go...

Photo Hunt 1
(Pink floating mosque)

Photo Hunt 2
( Biggest clock in Cyberjaya)

Kayak Race.

Futsal Challenge.

Driving range.


Fire brigade challenge

Stamina challenge.


( Fear Factor challenge)

Wall Climbing

Brawn team and Bobby the swim club betrayer.

All the challenges.

Mission Accomplish.
YJ, khin, Queen Jenny, William and me

The Heroes of Brawn Team that accomplish in 4th placing.
From left: YJ, Khin , me and William

Here I would like to thank all the working committees for making this event come true and indeed this is an unforgettable and a good experience that comes once in a lifetime. Besides that, not to forget BRAWN Team...we rockzzz we got 4/31..Great achievement and around of applause for us =P.