Chinese New Year in Langkawi

Posted: Saturday, 27 February 2010 by Weng Chiew in

Here I would like to wish a happy belated CNY to all my beloved friends..So basically nothing much happen on CNY, others than outing till 5am everyday since day 1 till day 3 of Chinese New Year..Tired but yet having lots of Fun.

Out of sudden, we get bored of such daily 5am lifestyle in Kajang and decided to go for a vacation during CNY..So there we go drove all the way to Kuala Kedah and took a speed boat to Pulau Langkawi.

So not gonna talk much here..Enjoy the pictures my dear readers =P

Our Transportation vehicle

Alex's Car

Curry's Car

Scenery to enjoy on the way to Kuala Kedah

Stopped by at R&R for a break
( My Bro and me )

Dropped by Ipoh for some breakfast.
*Find it unique and i took a picture of it*

Finally In Langkawi once more.

* Kajang Brothers *


On our way to Pulau Payar.

Malaysian style of sunbathing* Swt*

Lovely couple
Yvone and Ian


Once again Pulau Payar for some snorkeling session.

Kit,Chong, me, Curry and jin ian


Fishes and if u can notice there is a baby shark there

Group Picture before we prepare to dive


Thumbs up for this trip....