Valentine's Day....

Posted: Sunday, 15 February 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Basically on Valentine's day nothing much for me to do...yet on that day i still miss my ex-gf alot...don know why...after few months has past..i thought i could just let go and thats it..i live my life and she live hers...unfortunately....deep inside my heart i still care for her alot...wondering if we wouldnt have break the one who is celebrating Valentine's day with me is her, all this thing happen a few months back but i just felt like it just happen yesterday...i guess no one will understand how much i do love her last time and how much i care for her...but now that she found someone already i really wan to wish u happiness as well.Just want the girl to know i will be here to help and to care for you when you needed me ..but anyhow..just wanna wish those outside with their love's once a happy valentine's day may happiness be with you all..and for my lonely Valentine's day....we did a singles party night really enjoyed everyone lets PARTY!!!!!