Monday morning!!!

Posted: Monday, 9 February 2009 by Weng Chiew in

It was already Monday and it was Thaipusam....My brotherhood..Jin Ian woke me up and ask me to go for driving range ( golf range ) with him...there we go...all the way to UKM to play...i really can say golf is not an easy sports to requires alot of skills and knowledge to play it..the way of holdings the golf club,the way to swing and the positioning...but anyhow thanks to Jin Ian and Kian Liang of becoming my teacher and guide me through the process...I guess now...if i'm free during my holidays..i will train more on my skills to beat you guys...and yea not to forget we did as well so gambling on who can hit the furthest ^.^....and I won 1 teh ais!! haha...So see you guys again in golf club this Sat again i how we plan it..
Danau Golf club...UKM
posing after the ball is hit!!