What a day!! Exam ...2Papers down 2 more to go...

Posted: Thursday, 8 January 2009 by Weng Chiew in

EXAM SUXXX!!!!!!! Can anyone help me to concentrate or give me some determination!! zzzzzz

This was seriously a hectic day for me as i have to care so many things my exams, and so with my sports...It was already 2 paper down and 2 more to go this coming saturday that is my University Learning TEchnique and my lovely badminton subject ^.^ ........ For the moment i just felt this trimester just ended too fast....the people i known and i do admire ( the girl from MALAYSIAN STUDIES ) this trimester mayb cant see them anymore as all of us taking different major...but thank god i still have my 2 best classmate mr.chong han jung and our play gal SAM weng Keong..lolz..BTW guys i booked ady badminton court on 8th and 9th....so if anyone who happen to view my blog a MMU cyber student do drop by and play with us ( noobs are strictly not allowed ) ..its 4pm till 6pm...Anyway i guess i should be moving on with my notes now..wish me luck and anyone free there do sms me..my phone didnt rang much recently lolzz.....BORED!!!! haha......
Well this 2 pic is my best classmates in Cyber>>>>>>>>.

Chong Han Jung.....with his favourite bass ( actually a poser to get girls)
Our MMU flower guy.....SAM weng keong......DON MAD YA BRO JK

Finally myself....the one and only weng chiew in carl's Junior!!!