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Everything was so relieved as I'm free from exams and HOLIDAYS!!!!

My 1st trip this holiday is to Kota tinggi...Johor...but before we set our destination there we were able to drop by in few of my housemate houses...1st...KIMMY YONG SIAU PENG in melaka, GORDAN PANG GUO ZHEN in Kulai and finally Kota tinggi....MERVIN TAN SZE KAI was a very tiring day as i drove from Melaka all the way to Kota tinggi and it takes around 4 hours talk about our trip on the 1st day...we depart from cyber at 10.00am...all the way to Seri Kembangan for our breakfast...and after that all the way we set our journey to Melaka..guess what it jus took us 40mins from cyber to u guys can imagine how fast could it has been..lolz..den we stop by in KIMI unload some items and there i was luckily to enjoy some cool air and we did clean our 1st class transportation...after that there we turn to drive to KULAI JOHOR...Gordan house..and there he treat us the famous ABC and!! it was seriously delicious...after he drop some of his dirty clothes that he accumulated for the past weeks in his house..there we go again..setting out to our next n final place for our 1st class accomodation Mervin's house!! in Kota tinggi..apparently we reach there around 5p.m and as soon as we reach..guess what happen...everyone rushin to mervin's room and SLEEP!!!! well..i guess that's all for the day...i will continue my bloggy for new updates on my Enjoy the pics!!!

1st class transportation for our trip....VIVA MBN 7124

KIMMY the MAN..sponsoring his car for our transportation...thanks man!!

After taking all the trouble cleaning the car!! Come on next journey....
KIMMY house garden.....for public use only ^.^

IN Kulai Johor...our lunch!!! ABC and rojak...

Thank u Gordan for sponsoring the ABC and rojak...he claims that it is his territory..HOW CAN I LOSE MY FACE!! COOL IS MY STYLE GORDAN!

Finally in Kota tinggi..Mervin and Gordan say...DON DISTURB!! I wan sleep...

well..its me posing for the end of my blog..

wengchiew signin off 10.20p.m