The 2nd day trip in Johor Bahru!!

Posted: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 by Weng Chiew in

well to continue the second part of my holiday in
JOHOR....apparently everyone woke up 10a.m in the morning after a
very tiring day as we travel so far...and the most unfortunate
thing that has happen to me that is i was already fell sick that
morning as after everyone took bath, we set for our 1st
journey that is a famous BAK KUT TEH in was set around
30mins from mervin's house to that place..thanks to the guidance
of mervin's friend cathry Chong we were able to find the
place...well after we had bak kut teh for our breakfast, we then
set our journey back home and there we go to JB town
was seriously big and full of branded stuff...well we spend
nearly the whole day there as we need to shop for the coming
Chinese new year...apparently each of us got ourselves some new
clothes and trousers...after a tiring walk we had our lunch in
KINSAHI a japanese restaurant..the food was wonderful and as usual
great food comes with great price as well ^.^

Bak kut teh fof breakfast!!

My 1st time in JB Jusco...

Shopping spree man!!!

Dinner plus lunch in Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant!!

That is all for the day!! have a great holiday and good nitez...