8th of January 2009!!

Posted: Wednesday, 7 January 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Apparently few more hours will be my Malaysian Studies final exams paper...and till now i don't have the mood to do anything at all....well i think its because im worrying for a gal out there..i tried calling it was engaged...apparently if we are together now its officially our 10th month knowing each other..Finally after getting all the trouble concern bout her and wondering where she is.. finally msn she started to reply and ..we actually had a small argument again...I really didnt mean to bring her temper up...but i do seriously care so much for her n cant get her out of my mind!! Anyone tell me what am I supposed to do?? Immediately, when we stop chatting...Kimmy accompany me for a short walk to the garden and there you go me expressing all my feelings out to him...Thank u kimmy for all the trouble..u r really a good housemate and a good friend indeed...So many things actually I want to tell her and share wit her....just i think she has move on with her own life and I'm not anyone in her heart at all already...wish things has gone back time...n still keep it till now..well this 8th really bring alot of meaning to me..as it was the day where we began everything...and in Melaka on Satuday, i really wanted to see her and personally give her the present i bought her...but i guess I still dont have the bravery to face her....things has change really fast...and guess all past things and happy moment as MEMORIES!!! Anyhow wish me luck in my exam later... ^.^ and really hope the girl would like my necklace that i send to her Happy Belated Birthday!

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