Missing you!!!

Posted: Wednesday, 14 January 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Getting to know that the girl has finally going to have a new
boyfriend has been a hard thing for me to accept..and now we have
officially stop contacting each other anymore.I seriously wan her
to know how much i used to care for her, and how much i miss her
till now..every single minute and every single day..wanting to
know hows her holiday..and how her lives moves on...i oso wan her
to know how sorry am I of hurting you with some harsh words as i
really cant control my emotions..the pics that i saw in her
blog...im really disappointed to say so and its really so
heartbroken for me to know that you maybe has forgotten me and
moves on with her life.i jus wonder things could turn back time
and all these things has never been happen before...all the sweet
memories we had...i guess now it the time for me to moves on as
well....just wan this special girl to know i still do very much
misses u...and im truly am sorry for not being
understanding..Happy HOLIDAY and enjoy your holiday..


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