Birthday SAM ~part 1

Posted: Monday, 6 April 2009 by Weng Chiew in

6th of April is just another special day as my buddy SAM 21st birthday...( officially adult = OLDMAN) .Apparently after our econs class, the whole 2hour what we do in to plan what to do for my special friend's special day..( plan to go sunway for shopping, ioi mall for dinner, play badminton, etc.) but finally we end up again in SK for celebration in the end.After so many trouble getting things together, finally we got there, bought SAM's favourite black forest SECRET RECIPE cake, and dinner in WONG KOK CHAR restaurant..n yea im the last person to have my dish to come( thank you han jung for it, forgot to order for me..zzz )

Anyway everything went well...n i guess thats all for part 1~

BLACK FOREST secret recipe...( nice guy??? )

trying to show he is officially 21....ADULT konon..^.^

me, sam and han jung..

wow....a big yin yeung tea..a.k.a TEH AIS.

GUYS!!! brotherhood...(mervin, kimi, me, sam, weng kit, han jung)

girls...wa take pic with gals open eye big big..wit guys...lik no eye c..( pls compare pic above)
(rosemary, chesly,amy, loshini, sam and rainee)

what wish he made i wonder???


amy, weng chiew( me) sam, rainee

sam and amy. gay ah..hahah..sam n han jung

Finally everything ends with a laughter from everyone.HAHAHAHA.( chesly, me and loshini )