Happy Birthday Baby Yee...Chesley 19th birthday

Posted: Wednesday, 6 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

First of all..happy be-early 19th birthday to our one and only Baby Yee ling A.k.a Chesley.
( Actual birthday 10th May on Mother's Day )

Well, What I can say in the beginning, we were trying to have a surprise turn out for Chesley...but due to some clue and her smartness=) ....It was not a surprise anymore( Chesley next time can you be abit blur at times, still can pretend to do assignment while we are outside waiting....SO FAKE) Anyhow everything just turn up fine and yea..we sang a birthday song for her and everyone enjoyed the process...

Scene 1...Chesley house B1-3-5@Cyberia


After some cake as a starter, we drove all the way down Puchong for our Shabu Shabu Buffet dinner ( Japanese Style Steamboat )...we have some great moments and took some pics>>>>

Scene 2....Shabu Shabu Dinner@ Puchong

While waiting for sits...( did some SS moment )
weng chiew( SMILEY )

from left: Chesley, Rainee, Pui San, Rosemary, Loshini

me and loshini

Waited for around 20mins....we were called to the third floor and here come the MAKAN !!!

Group pic before we start eating.

rosemary,Chesley and Loshini

buttons to operate the hot plate =)

Right before we started our meal

Its heating up...

Smoky Chesley

Snap Shot of birthday girl posing with food.



Pui San and Rainee

Sam and me..(the battle of fishball )

Shy Chesley=)


fingers licking good~!!

we ordered 18plates of this..PORKY

Full Stomach~ ..pose to the camera^.^

11.10pm...I wonder how would our table be??


After all the clean up, we had ourselves some chit chat and not soon..took some pics with some friends and move to camwhoring!!

Chesley and Rainee(Event Planner )
Great thx to Miss Rainee~

Chesley and Weng Chiew

me and pui san

Rosemary and me

Chesley and Loshini again.(ladies in black LIB)

SS moment!!!BELOW

sam and me

another group pic


nice post sam =)

^Shabu Shabu closing^

leaving Shabu Shabu with a full stomach=)

Thats all for the night, we really did enjoy alot and having fun......


  1. thanks for spending ur time in this post!!! love it... thnx to everyone~~
    hehe i really appreciate it and yes, im still a baby *perasan*~~ and i will not pretend smart lah... sorry sorry but i will act stupid nex time ^^ hehehe :D

  1. wa...chesley got blog also wan oh..BCT 1 week diary haha...no prob we love you only do so much wan..u must appreciate it oh..haha..anyhow..u r still a baby in our heart=).....no need act stupid la, we next time directly celebrate ad lo..no more surprises hahahaha...

  1. mei kuen says:

    i want to go makan also..bring me next time XD

  1. kuen:alright sure not a problem...mayb one day when u r free and im free as well =)