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Finally, I got those pics from Zues on the Hennessy Artistry event that was held last month. Anyhow I'm not gonna write much bout it since this event is a month past , and here I just wanna give some short brief about the event and what it is all about:ENJOY!!

First of all, I would like to thanks NUFFNANG for giving us some free passes on this event and big gratitude to Zeckson for bringing me in as a VIP guest.

- to show people the Art Of Mixing VSOP HENNESSY for greater taste.
Mixture includes:
-Green Tea
-Ginger Ale
-Ice Cream Soda
-Orange Juice
-Red Apple Juice
-Grapefruit Juice


Reached there 6p.m and the event starts at 8pm.
HOW wonderful is it waiting there for 2hours??

In the gang!!! we have>>





The Event Registeration Counter..

As the event started>>>

Hennessy Artistry

warm up drinks...Variables of mixture with VSOP

here come the real essence of VSOP..


CAPRICE,Artist of the night

Mc Sissko and Starz Angels,Artist of the night as well

Some beverages...*Fantastic*

Caprice and me

Member of Starz Angel , me and OBC


The Bloggers

The Malaysia Starz Angels

Buddies for life!!
Zues,OBC,me ,Zeck


On the dance Floor..

Before I leave, another picture with CAPRICE.

Hennessy VSOP.

After the event, we have some Yam Cha session with all the bloggers invited to this wonderful Hennessy Artistry event>>>

NZ the Yam Cha place.

Yenniedoll, Cojack, Zeck, OBC, Simon (me)


The Bloggers..

Well, I think that's all for this event, I'm having a great time, great MEMORIES as it is the 1st bloggers event of NUFFNANG that I attended and I'm looking forward to attend another event..A big Cheerz to NUFFNANG and HENNESSY ARTISTRY!!!


  1. HitoMi^^ says:

    now only blog about it haha!!

    zues fault again huh??

    of course you can link ^^ no problem - my pleasure

  1. hitomi: hey girl...so outdated right this event lol.I just got those pics from Zues like last 2 days ^^

    what to do, we have to know Zues is a very busy person =)
    Anyway thx fro dropping by my blog..hope to see you again in the next event.

  1. HitoMi^^ says:

    yea yea, zues is a very Busy person...he owes me photos too!!

    eh, the last time u dropped by my blog you never link ur blog okie. that's why i cannot trace back

  1. wow...last time pic he still owe you..omg..really cant doubt he a bz man haha..

    oh.last time izit..sorry ya ^^hitomi

  1. HitoMi^^ says:

    no la. it is the recent one at LG

    but consider quite long right??

  1. oh..icic..didnt get to go to LG..looks fun that event ^^..
    Ya pass sometime ad oso that event, and he still havent give you..then i guess you have to rush him for it haha..