GDC Appreciation Lunch@Neway,Puchong and Sunway

Posted: Tuesday, 12 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

GDC Cyberfusion has passed for nearly a month from now and I was informed that we the Working Commitee for the event was invited for the GDC Appreciation Lunch @Neway,Puchong. Everything just started just after i was forcefully waken around 12.30pm and all thanks to Zest, I was kicked at my ass by my housemate to wake me up..I'm Such a Sleeping PIG.AM I??? After,I woke up and he asked me am I going for the event? OMG I totally forget about it and he asked me to get ready fast as we are supposed to leave now... I immediately rushed to the toilet for a bath, set my hair and no more wasting time ,there I am, all ready to go.EFFICIENT SIMON=). Then we gathered up at FIT( Faculty Of Information Technology) for some briefing on the event by the President.

Actually in the beginning when I reached there,I was kinda shocked to see such amount of people there...( didnt expect there are so much of working committee, some never even seen before^^ )...around 30person gathered around,transportation were arranged for us and set to GO!!!


K-Dinner buffet area.

All GDC members..

Nice ash tray=)
( a decoration in NEWAY)

Alcohols ANYONE???

Zest( my housemate that woke me up ) and me

All Black

Cong Jie and me..
*OMG* damn gay!!

From left:Murphy,Cadrick,Edvin,Zest,Simon( me ), Kimirockz

Kimirockz,me and Edvin


Seafood Spaghetti with white sauce
~Just love the mussels~


IT top student Cong Jie

Group pics 1

Group pics 2

Big Group pics

After some singing session ( 2pm till 7pm),we decided to for dinner.So we decided to go SUNWAY PYRAMID for dinner and Shopping time!!!


Carl's Junior for DINNER

My very own Chicken BBQ burger.

=)...Just Love Carl's Junior Fries..TASTY

Everyone is Having Great fun =)
~makan time is over time for ARCADE~

Time Crisis!!

....TERRORIST Simon....

Time passes and we the fun needs to end as some of us need to get back for assignment and study as Finals are just around the corner...Before I end my post, I would like to thanks GDC club for such as wonderful day!!! Cheers~


  1. lol... me also inside that "family photo" wor...

    ur blog so touch and enjoy, but..

    actually tat day i saw u shout and sing till almost crazy soon...

    dun act lovely 2 cheat people la..


  1. lolz...ya you are in the photo as well ^^..HAPPY?? haha...

    Thx for visiting my blog btw..

    Tat day was a day to release stree what haha... n btw jess i didnt act lovely also =)..zzzz

  1. mei kuen says:

    alah...ppl also say you acting lovely liao la....haha!! don try to act liao back yourself!! (MAFIA)
    I want mussels also!!

  1. swt lo kuen...i really didnt act lovely lo..and you know i wont act such thing wan right =)

    Still back to mafia suits me right???

    Don worry there will always a chance to bring u eat such good food..I promise.

  1. MJ says:

    LOL cong jie looks so gay in the photos hahaha the IT TOP STUDENT POSE ROFL