What a weekend I have??? FANTASTIC?BORED?MOODLESS?

Posted: Saturday, 9 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Well apparently exams is just around the corner, and my 1st paper falls on the 18th of may 2009. It has approximately 8more days for my 1st paper..zzz

This weekend is the time where I'm supposed to start my revision..... but GUESS what...I HAVE NO MOOD AT ALL!!!!!!

Hot weather here, no interesting activity, and the most suffering is when see my friends going to bloggers events and shopping...and I'm staying at home doing nothing..Hmm~~looks like i really need to relax myself duing the coming trimester break =)

Well it was now soon 10th of May 2009
-wanna wish all mother's a Happy Mother's day and I want my mummy to know I love u alot >.< -wish baby yee aka Chesley Officially 19th years old already..

So wish me all the best in my revision and as well as my Finals exam... =)

Good news: My lower part of my braces is completed....and it has been taken out...A step closer of having a great SMILE!!!


  1. u can have a fantastic+bored+moodless weekend actually~~!!! but better be fully fantastic lah XD
    thnx for wishing me here n there!!!
    appreciate it very much~ >.<

  1. its ur actual day of birthday wat..need wan =)

    Hopefully everything will be fully FANTASTIC ya...thx alot yee ling..

  1. soo jin says:

    hey hey good to hear that you're having your GREAT smile very soon!!

  1. soo jin: yea thank you very much....don worry sure will give u a big smile when i see you next time as well...=)

  1. soo jin says:

    sure sure i'll be waiting for that ! =)