Random-ness morning!!

Posted: Monday, 11 May 2009 by Weng Chiew in

The story began, when i reached back in Cyberjaya around 9pm after Mother's Day dinner with my beloved mummy..I get myself unpacked with supplies for the coming WAR a.k.a EXAMS!

Get myself a nice bath, did my revision awhile, and not long after that I was being invited to go for snooker around 11pm with ZUES and ZECKSON.Played 2 rounds>>> then headed back to Cyberjaya again. After that,chilled in Mamak@Cyberjaya Roundabout, chatting bout whats coming up on NUFFNANG event to join and soon move to some photographing sessions =)...real SS ^^


A glance of our usual hang out place in CYBERJAYA


Zues trying to promote his SAMSANG phone =)
ps* SAMSANG is not a spelling error ^^

Weng Chiew(me)

Yup...that is Zues showing off his nose..(girls always commented on his nose ^^)

Gayish Zeck and Zues...( ZnZ)

Zues and Simon a.k.a weng chiew

^_^ same faces.


Next we moved to ZUES HOUSE..to continue our guys talk and look up on peoples BLOG!!
Zues and Zeck sharing experience..( on which girl is perttier on the net =) )


Shadow effects of TAMRON lense

SIMON in the pic
*Zues just love his new camera lense*

After chit chatting and all the sharing sessions ^^....Zues viewed my blog and got interested with the MORNING Chicken rice( Opens 4a.m ) and there you go we droved all the way to Dengkil to taste it.
Such a nice morning drive with no cars on the road except for us.

Its Shows 4.30a.m

The Chicken Rice Stall

The Chicken rice Master showing his skills in cutting the Chicken

met my former classmates there as well




Enjoying =)

*Muaks* LOVE IT!!


PLZ don't kacau me MAKAN!!!! snapshot of zues while busy eating

Chicken Rice session ended...^^

Session ended>>head back to Cyber>> moved on to Zues house once more>> get some rest....and the time shows its already 7a.m..
*GOSH* such a warm morning, and sweating like hell the 3 of us...So we decided to SWIM =)

So I guess thats all for the random-ness morning......time to get some rest for the GDC Appreciation Lunch , 1p.m later and I have only 4 more hours to sleep..nitez and also a very Goor morning to everyone =) Cheerz~~