holiday holiday holiday...

Posted: Monday, 8 June 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Holiday has already past a week, and the results are coming out soon I guess...*SCARY*

Well to say bout my holiday I did nothing much, went out to PD last week with my family, me staying at home watching all types of movie , Shopping around and till now haven't even got my new bag....and finally Sports Sports and sports!!( i think you can see me in Nottingham College quite often this 2 weeks =) )

So this time not gonna update any photos of my trip and outing...I'm VERY LAZY when comes to my holiday...

Anyhow that's all for the short post of mine...Enjoy your holidays my friend!!!! before the nightmares come..*RESULT IS COMING OUT SOON*

Chioazzzz =)


  1. Nottingham shi uni lai de =\