New trimester finally started!!! Holidays outing.

Posted: Thursday, 18 June 2009 by Weng Chiew in

So finally 2 weeks has already over and time to work my ass off for the new trimester again..and the good news i had during my holiday is that I passed all my subjects..So glad!! and this trimester I'm taking 6 subjects and starting to have my major subjects.

So this post is all about what I did and where I went during my 2 wonderful weeks of holiday, Although is kinda short but I really had fun and enjoy being with my family on holiday trips and friends outing...So do see more below... =)

Trip 1 : Port Dickson Trip

On my way to PD
*Just love this sunset picture*

Reach PD finally...*Spot my bro*

The Place I stayed in during PD
*Sri Pena*

Crabby I love the most!!
( had alot of seafood that night)

Well my little cousin
( Oliver, Natasha and Louis )

Small Kid act like TAIKO

One of the temple i drop by...

PRAY hard for good results and the GOD answer my prayer
Been in PD for 2 days had alot of fun on the pool as well as the beach there, playing with kids make me feel younger as well LOL.. So trip ended, got back home and another Yam Cha session with my friends..BUSY BUSY!!

Trip 2: Outing with Aillie

Well my family was on trip to Penang with my relatives that just came down from China...So I was left all alone at home for the few days..So one of the night, Miss Aillie agreed on going out for a dinner with me, was supossed to watch SEVENTEEN AGAIN as it is in her List to watch movie but unfortunately early tickets were sold out and left those late night movie...and FYI she is a CINDERELLA...( have to be back home by 12am) ..So end up spend the whole night chit chatting during our dinner and window shopping... and I can say the dinner was very long~~



~caught this cute pic of her when she wasn't ready~ =)

and I was caught looking at another girl walking outside~ ZzZzZ

me teaching the waitress which button to press..
* I think professional waitress has to be send for courses on handling cameras*

Not a prefect picture but at least everything was right.^_^

So that's all for our night, really had a good chat with her since so long didn't met up with her already..and again thanks Aillie for accompanying me for dinner...and yea as what I promised to bring her to Shabu Shabu for dinner and movie next time if I pass all my papers..Finally I did pass all my paper...So Aillie do remind me ya~HAHAHA..

Trip 3: Bukit Tinggi

So I was in Bukit Tinggi as well for my last trip before my holiday ended...So just popped up in my Dad's mind to for a walk in Bukit Tinggi and for my relative to see something special they might not have seen (nice sceneries and refreshing air )...can't get anywhere in KL area or city..
So we set off our trip on 10am, and my dad let me drive all the way there...Although it was kinda tiring but its really fun to drive and see around different places I pass through and a new different route for me to learn ..LOL..

Reached there around 11am...parked our car in Berjaya Resort, get our tickets of entry to places and first destination the JAPANESE GARDEN..
In Berjaya Resort.

over view of Bukit Tinggi Hill



Final Stop

The entrance

The Street of the French Resort

Wishing well

Spotted a SWAN~

me and my younger bro.

So I think that's all for this post for now...kinda busy nowadays for event upcoming soon, So hope to touch up more on my blog soon again..So wish me LUCK in my new trimester and Cheerz~~


  1. J*w3n says:

    Hey..seem like ur holidays so enjoy wat..hehe...

  1. happy stuying once again xD

  1. hey carson thx is nt a happy thing btw haha..its about how you enjoy life haha..

    Jwen: hmm my holiday average only la..thx for dropping by =)

  1. MJ says:

    wow great hols u've had there! mine sux hahahaha

  1. mj: yo bro thx man...nvm nex time holiday you come play wit me haha..