A trip to Malacca the Historical city..Day 2

Posted: Sunday, 9 August 2009 by Weng Chiew in

So after some GIN last night...went to bed and there goes my day 1 and now all about DAY 2 in Malacca...So I woke up, 11am...prepared and Check-out from the hotel and the next destination Pork-Ribs and Beef noodle somewhere in Malacca =P *Forgotten the place name*

Billy says he need a cap..
*I Love Snoopy*

After that, head to Dataran Pahlawan for some delicious cake in NADEJE right beside OldTown in DP

~In Nadeje Patisserie Cafe~

Cheese flavour

Original taste


Ordered a tea for myself

Well, basically we spend quite some time there, chit chat, gossiping and stuff..as time passes , its time for us to leave Malacca...So while we are on the way back, suddenly pop up in our mind to go and try out the Famous Seremban Crab..Some pictures was not taken because we were too hungry and didnt took pictures for the 1st few dishes *lol*

In the list of order:
-Siu Hai aka Burn Crab =P -Salted egg crab -Fried Squid - A noodle recomended by restaurant..( "sang min")

"Siu Hai" aka burn crab..
*Famous in Seremban*


*Woi!!! tengok apa? *



*Don kacau me makan*

Alright that's all for the Melaka Trip....thanks william and queen Jenny...Cheers~~


  1. Hey..the cheese cake and tiramisu in Nadeje Patisserie Cafe so attractive lo..^^

  1. ~dolly~ says:

    i heard the cake in Nadeje Patisserie Cafe is very nice.

  1. ed.inc says:

    haha.. where can eat the carb in melaka oo? haha.. y i dunno de???
    hi.. 1st time visit. nice to meet u.

  1. Esther: Ya the cake was delicious..not only attractive =P, next time go melaka must really try it..Its is dataran pahlawan only.

    Dolly:thanks for dropping by my blog..ya its indeed very nice..unique as well..mayb you should go and try it..

    ed.inc: bro thanks for visiting, hmm..the crab is in Seremban ^^
    kinda famous always appear on TV wan..Ho Chak as well =P

  1. Teresa says:

    u drink the tea alone? hmmm... i wonder :p

  1. teresa: hmm...i drank my tea with a girl can onot??? Share with her somemmore =P lol...

  1. Teresa says:

    lol..of course you are allowed to do so :p you mention you drank the tea alone. so i thought you have been very stingy.. LOL