1st Event Director ever been!! Swimming Club ice Breaking Session..

Posted: Wednesday, 26 August 2009 by Weng Chiew in

I am glad as given this opportunity for me to planned this event with all the Swimming Club Committee. So my very first event that I have planned, I'm gonna post on what have I been busying for the past few weeks and I also wanna take this opportunity to thank all the committee for making this event a successful one.

Event Director: Simon Low Weng Chiew
Asst. Event Director: Zues Goay Swee An

So what can we expect from a swimming club ice breaking event?? to bond good relationship among committees and members...and to talk about ice breaking, it is just not about knowing each other..Its time to get ourselves some actions and WATER to be SPLASH!!!!

Big Bullies preparing for the event.

Members and Committee
* Bonding Relationship*

me and william( Club president )

Game demonstration.

Who wanna get shoot from me?

me and Zues.

Khin, me and Zues

Let's Play!!

Zues you are damn heavy!!!!
*luckily I'm Strong haha*

Zues attacking OBC

Zeck behind me..Random attack?

ah!!! I got a shot from Zeck...

I'm HUNTING for victims =P

Preparing watermelon WAR!!!

A speech from the Event Director ( ME )

Prize Giving by Simon

Makan time.

Supposed to me a Committee group pic..
In the end MEMBERS come in as well..zzz

Group picture.

Group picture

*Enjoyment and memories*
Swim Club 2009/2010


  1. looks like damn lotttttssaa fun xD

  1. indeed lotsa fun lol=P

  1. edvinn says:

    wah , fun sia , water !

  1. HitoMi^^ says:

    wootza, so Syok neh, i also want to join!!

    I see how the magic works now haha...*wink*

  1. Rory Ong says:

    Wow!!! This is Swim Club now??? I am impressed!! Haha..... :)

  1. Rory Ong says:
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