A trip to Malacca the Historical city..Day 1

Posted: Friday, 7 August 2009 by Weng Chiew in

Well, it was my mid semester break....So out of a sudden I was called by William and Jenny to join in their trip to Malacca =P ....really want to thanks them for inviting me!!

It was a 2 Day 1 night trip there, we depart from Cyberjaya 8am in the morning and all the way to Seremban for a breakfast, while I dropped by there I called up my old foundation friend Kwek for a breakfast and yes!!! for nearly a year we didnt see him...finally have a chance to hav a great chat with him =)
* Friendship last's Forever*

So after that, continue our journey to Malacca, reached there around 11.00 a.m, checked in to the hotel and had some rest, while waiting for the heavy rain to stop.
Took a nap, it was already 3pm, rain has stop and the Outing begins =P

Now let's look at the pictures shall we:

SS moment in the Car.

1st destination: Donald and Lily corner..( Famous for it's BABA and Nyonya food) *recomended by HO CHAK*

Jack, Teresa, Billy, Jenny,and William

Siam Mee Baba Nyonya style

Nyonya Curry and Chendol

Hot and Spicy

2nd Destination: visits Malacca historical building.

me, Teresa, Jenny, William and Jack

water windmill.



Jenny and William
*Thanks for inviting me to join in the trip*


Enjoying Malacca view.




The Malacca River

William is so HIGH!!

*Finally another gang picture*



night ended with a Singing session


  1. tia says:

    malacca?!my university was located at malacca!!!!

  1. lol...Utem??
    I love Baba Nyonya Food =P