Sunway Lagoon trip with Swim Club.

Posted: Monday, 14 December 2009 by Weng Chiew in

After a really tiring day a day before that, in Agriculture Park in Shah Alam on the 12th Dec 2009, not even had enough rest and there you go another trip to go =P ( Will Update soon on Agriculture Park as soon as i got those pictures ).

13th December 2009, is the day where again all swimmers and committees of Swim Club MMU and International Student Society went together to enjoy the moment of getting along and having fun in Sunway Lagoon. I can say we really did have alot of fun even since we waited in Campus for the bus till our private bus came and even till the end of the day we spent time together in Yuen Steamboat, where we can see seniors and as well as juniors fighthing to get the Chicken Wings =P

Let the pictures do the talking then,

Swim Club committees.
(Khin, Simon, Bobby, Ken)
(Wei Hong, Sophia, Jain, William, Jenny, Shien Chun,)

khin (Perlis State Swimmer) and me
Perlis VS Selangor

me and Bobby( all time life guard)

Swimming club maskot =P

William ( Swim Club President) and Jerry ( ISS club President)

here is a group picture before we leave MMU

Jain, me, khin, Sien Chun, and Wei hong

In Sunway Lagoon group picture.

khin and Sc..SS like hell..
~ wondering what pose are they trying to make ~


A final group picture before we leave the park and headed for shopping.


So there goes my tiring day out in Sunway Lagoon and next stop on the same day Yuen's Steamboat =P

Steamboat time =P
(All you can eat )

Yuen's buffet Steamboat.

Finally got to go back and have a good rest myself =P



  1. ya kenwooi..indeed its fun haha..

  1. jfook says:

    Haha. Sunway is an entertainment city as well..

  1. ya many types parks they have now..So long didnt go there already..really reminds me of my childhood when i was there tat day ^^

    anyway jfook, thanks for dropping by =P

  1. khin says:

    lol, no more Perlis state swimmer la. Now already X- state swimmer only....haha :p

  1. fulamak..lan c lagi..x-state haha...still geng then can already =P