Broga Hill hiking trip.

Posted: Monday, 28 December 2009 by Weng Chiew in

2 days after some hardcore eating for Christmas..time for some exercise for me i guess =P , so we one bunch of friends decided to go for hiking in Broga Hill early in the morning. Woke up 5am in the morning was really hard as I have been sleeping at 2am everyday...* around of applause to myself for having such determination *

So I was kinda eager to go there as I heard alot of my friends that it was a really sight seeing place to enjoy morning breeze and as well as the sunrise.What I can say that this trip was incredible although I can say it was kinda tough to reach all the way to the top of the mountain( took me an hour to reach the top)..
So lets enjoy the pictures ^^

Beautiful view from the Hill.

Thanks Curry and Chloe for the invitation.

Finally reaching part of the hill..

Beautiful morning breeze and sunrise.

I'm STRONG!!!!!

Nice play to getaway from town.

The man who reach the top of the mountain.

Still Standing after an hour reaching the top =P

Rock Climbing obstacle.

Peace ^^

Another sunrise scenery.

me, Curry and Danny.

me and Danny who gave up halfway ( Loser )

Still a long way to go guys..

I conquer the world..

Time for some nice food to replenish the energy in me..*hahahaha*

Hot soup, Chinese Chicken wine, and fire burning hot pork

Let's eat!!!!


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