MMU Awards 2010

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MMU Awards is yearly event which is held to appreciate and to thanks all MMU Students with rewards on their great achievement. So this yearly event was held in Equatorial Hotel Malacca on 25th of April 2010. So this year MMU Awards 2010 were kinda special and unique as it was really grand and this event was officiated by Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah our 4th Prime minister wife , the chancellor of Multimedia University.

So as the newly elected vice president of the swimming club, and as well as all those high committee of swimming club , we were invited to attend this wonderful and grand event....It has really open up my eyes to all those capable winners of the award..

MMU Awards 2010:

MMU Awards 2010

Goodies bag and the tickets of MMU Awards.

Group picture of MMU Cyberjaya Swimming Club

Speech and opening from Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah

Khin, Jain and me

Queen Jenny and William
*1st lady of Swimming Club and ex-president of swimming club*

William( ex-president) and Yih Khai( advisor of swimming club)

Jain and me

Jessica and me.

Secretary and Vice President of Swimming Club 2010/2011

*Top swimmer of MMU Cyberjaya*

Slurps....Makan Time!!!!

look at all those food..Awh!!!

William,Jenny, Jessica and Yih khai

High committess of swimming Club Cyberjaya.

Future Leader!!
From Left: Wei Hong, William,Khin, Me and Yih Khai


Random picture.

Rachael from MMU Malacca,Jessica and Jain MMU Cyberjaya

Finally, comes to receiving award..

Club Award.
Jessica won the BEST SPORTSWOMAN


A picture with MMU Best Sportswomen

Awards holder
Jessica and Rachael from Badminton Club

Swimming Club Rockzzzzz

A picture of me before the event ends =P

Next post will take sometime as my final is just around the corner so watch out for the next post...on my 21st Birthday Parrttttyyyyyyy!!!


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