24th November 2008!!!

Posted: Tuesday, 25 November 2008 by Weng Chiew in

Well...I can say this day was the most terrible day of my life, its because I'm actually officially broke up n get apart from my girl....I guess this is all happen because of our personality clashes with 1 and another....and there u go a 9months relationship ended..that night I was seriously got very depress and don know what to do at all...I guess this is the 1st time I'm being hurt this much.Anyway hope I get better with it soon ya ^.^...My girl thanks for the promises you made n I still want u to know u still will be there for u,to talk to, to share ur feelings and to hug u when u needed me too...Although I know this few days I might ignore u..I'm very sorry..I just need sometime to cool myself down...also special thanks to my dearest friends and housemates to care bout me...to cheer me and to drink wit me today..Thank u guys..Guess now i have to get used back to the single life I'm used to before. oh..ya n not to forget thanks ZUES for advising me to have my own blog to share out my feelings and also some experience in my life..Thx dude ^.^


  1. Zues says:

    Hello bro, be strong ya.. And happy to see you finally started to blog! Keep up the good work! Anyway, take care and be strong.. Dun think that much d, strike for study!!!